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I'm Aaron.
20, Jacksonville, Paramedic, car and motorcycle enthusiast.
I'm fascinated by medicine, the human body (hello, ladies), and things with an engine.
I post just the general things I find beautiful or humorous, which includes some pretty graphic things every now and then. Squeamish, beware.

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Just did one of the coolest things ever

I was having a really vivid dream, I thought it was real. But in the middle of it, I realized that it couldn’t be real and that I was supposed to be doing something else anyways, so I woke up. Holy crap, that was cool.

Now to see if I can get back to sleep.

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“If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors.”

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I was talking with my mom and heard two quick thumps on the window. Birds will slam into the window every now and then, but are usually okay after they shake it off. I went outside and found two small finches around two feet apart lying on the ground.
One was breathing heavily and the other did a little death lurch soon after I picked it up. Could tell right away its neck was broken. I went and laid that one down on the steps coming out of the side of the house and went and checked on the other one.
It was still breathing heavily and was very obviously dazed. It fought just a little bit when I picked it up and then chilled out. It kept losing its balance like it was drunk, and then I saw its toes were broken. I let it chill on the steps for a while and buried its mate (it was long gone by now) in the back yard.

I never noticed the little markings they have on their heads. You never get close enough to them to see it. It’s no wonder why birds are such a center of poetry, they really are fragile and pretty.
When I came back out after a while, it had already flown away from the steps.

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