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I'm Aaron.
20, Jacksonville, Paramedic, car and motorcycle enthusiast.
I'm fascinated by medicine, the human body (hello, ladies), and things with an engine.
I post just the general things I find beautiful or humorous, which includes some pretty graphic things every now and then. Squeamish, beware.

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I’m lucky. Very, very lucky.

Met up at Walgreens with a buddy of mine in his Mustang to follow him to another friend’s house. I took the bike. He pulled out and floored it and took off and me being on the bike, I realize he hasn’t seen what it can do yet. So I have it everything I had and zoomed by him, hit about 90, then hit the brakes and got over. Mind you, it’s a 45mph zone…

There were NO cars behind us when we pulled out. None. And then I see a headlight that looks like it should be an Impala’s.


It gets behind me and I knew that was it. I started pulling over right as the lights started flashing. My buddy went on by.

He comes up and just goes “…well hey there”

I look up at him and wearily say “hi, officer.”

"Any idea at all why you might have been pulled over?"

"I’ve…got a pretty clear idea, yeah."

"So…why? Why even do it?"

"Honestly, officer, I’ve got no excuse at all. I couldn’t ever give you a legitimate one for that."


I ask if I can take my helmet off since I know they like to see the biker’s face and he just looks at me weird. And then says “Stop it.”

Okay? Stop it?

"Stop it. And now get goin’, get outta here."

Holy fuck guys, I almost went to jail. Karl texted me and said “I’M SO SORRY!!”

I’m so fucking lucky. The squid moments are toning down for damn sure. Sorry to all the bikers I disgrace like that!

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does anybody else have that friend that you’re pretty sure is your soulmate but in a friend way

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